The rubber stamp transforms itself.
I think that it is very interesting.

For You
Kim’s cupcake
Rocket cupcake

Alma Big
I Love Tea

[OBP]August Sketch &Cooking

The card which this used paper of Flair Designs for.
"Keep on Cooking"

Ice Pond/Cookie Dough,Fishbowl Cauldron Sack,Big Bumble

Teresa's Frame,Flo,Alma Big,Short House

【OBP】The new stamp of August

Oh Baby

I made a card with these.

Kelly’s Pram Right
Owl Baby
Welcome Baby

Cathrine’s Yarn Basket
Kelly’s Chubby Sheep Right
Kelly’s Chubby Sheep Left

Owl Baby
Welcome Baby
Kelly’s Ragdoll Bunny
Kelly’s Ragdoll Mouse
Kelly’s Arched Ragdoll Kitty Right
Kelly’s Arched Ragdoll Kitty Left
Kelly’s Voodoo DollKelly’s Patchwork Pumpkin

Kelly’s Regular Spider Web
Teresa’s Spider

Kelly’s Regular Spider Web
Teresa’s Spider
Ghost bird

Witch shoes
Boo to you

Kelly’s ragdoll trees

Kelly’s skating gnome left

Kelly’s ragdoll trees
Kelly’s stitched gnome

I love ragdoll of Kelly's!!

August Special Deal

Special Deal - August 2008

Special deal: a bundle of 5 stamps with a 25% discount
621AA Hoot1
396B Madricaine
607D You Are (jj mix)
636M Dotty Corner
250F Debbie's Flower