Dear my friend

A card to the friend.
This is the card which I sent to my friend.

I let ink soak into an old book. I clipped out the pattern that I used for a house since I let ink soak in the same way and pushed the rubber stamp.

I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged by Faye .

On your blog, please answer the same questionsthat I answered:

Where were you 10 years ago?
I am still the much same place in old days.

What are 5 things on your "to-do" list today?
I worked in a company. I watched television. I ate a favorite cherry. I sent a letter to a friend. I entered the bath for a long time.

What snack foods do you like?
Chocolate. The thing which was made with a potato.

If your were a millionaire, what would you do?
Probably I contribute it. And I have one's house. I want to take a trip to the various places. I do a favorite thing so as to use all up till I die.

Places you have lived?

【JJ OBP】Say Cheese, Limited Edition Kit

This is a card about a released limited edition kit
Color coating in copic

Each kit includes:
* 3 sheets of 8.5x11 white cardstock
* 1 sheet of 8.5x11 pattern paper
* 6 sheets of 6x6 pattern paper
* 1 total yards of ribbon/fiber/trim
* 2 vintage photos
* 1 vintage negative
* 1 hard plastic vintage baseball card sleeve (ATC size)
* 1 slide mount
* 3 acrylic star jewels
* small pouch of super-fine glitter
* 4 photo corners
* 1 die-cut cardstock label
* 2 sheets of vintage clip art
* 1 wood-mounted camera stamp
* 1 8.5x3 sheet of unmounted rubber stamps

【JJ OBP】A new stamp

Than justjohanna's odd bird planet
This is a stamp released newly on June 1. I made a card with this stamp.

priscilla took off for the space. Scenery to watch from a spaceship by zero gravity!

The planet cupcake floats innumerably.

space priscilla , planet cupcake

The rocket cupcake continues flying. The fuel gives off a sweet fragrance.

rocket cupcake, planet cupcake , space priscilla

A resident was in the planet! They show a friendship.

planet cupcake , space owl

World-Wide Stamping Week on 2 Peas

(June 14 - 21, 2008)
It is already started on June 14 of last week (a delay considerable as for me)
Failure! I did not know even a method.

hosted by SarahSchwerin (Sarah)

stamp;lovely skull n bones

hosted by hbpuppy (Heather)

hosted by neyw (Neysa)

WSW-Naked Stamping

hosted by ScrappyPam_Pea (Pam)

stamp;big cloud,chanel right,chas scuba owl left,fleur on a stick,fleur de lis

justjohanna's odd bird planet

Lime Tart's June Card Sketch!

This is sketching of the lime tart of June, 2008.

I used the case which the cardboard of the scrapbooking article which was going to be disposed of in a shaker box was in.

I lowered it with the plastic which shrank by heat. It is "Chas Scuba Owl left" and "Michelle Right". Then I put beads and a rhinestone, a prima flower.

The paper of the background printed a Japanese traffic sign.

stamp; scooter,Chas scuba owl left

It is a line of the waiting to eat a delicious cake.

stamp;frosting only cupcake,big bumble,claire right,little al ,al with wig left

justjohanna's odd bird planet

【JJ OBP】Birthday card!


ATC Challenge #9

ATC challenge # 9. The theme "uses a favorite stamp"
Rules "colorful or single color"
Many colors ATC or being single color ATC.

ink;IMPRESS (jetblack)
#10 begins on June 16.And it continues until June 30.

【JJ OBP】Father's day card!

The card of the day of the father

Did you thank a father?

justjohanna's odd bird planet

【JJ OBP】June's Sketch!

Here is sketching of June.
It is my card based on this sketching.

Please look for the flower which matched oneself.

A birthday card of May

Here is a card on a birthday of May.

I do not see it very much in Japan, but I like colorful cupcake.

stamp;frosting only cupcake

When there is some problem, I make cupcake at midnight. It is often found that it uses favorite chocolate.

stamp;frosting only cupcake , strawberry topiary

justjohanna's Odd Bird Planet

Theme Thursday

"”woman ATCs”! "

justjohanna’s Odd Bird Planet's HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

justjohanna’s Odd Bird Planet's 2-Year-Old birthday.
The special day was June 3.

stamp;strawberry topiary , little al

Special business of June of justjohanna Odd Bird Planet

justjohanna changes a name into justjohanna's Odd Bird Planet.

Here is special business of June. The June deal stamps would normally sell for $ 33.00. With the 25% discount, the deal is $ 24.75, a savings of $ 8.25.

A sample card by the design team

(There is an option to change to another owl which is the same size if you already have Al Mar Big)

Please apply to an E-mail newsletter to get information about the 20% discount.

Lots to do Challenges &Crazy Amigo Challenge

This is my sketch challenge
I did an entry in two challenges by the sketching.

Lots to do Challenges "Week 11-Rainbows "
Crazy Amigo Challenge "Oosters / Asian"

justjohanna's odd bird planet:My sketch challenge

Please discover a forum of Odd bird planet in Spilitcoast stampers.

This is My sketch challenge cards

I sketch it, and I challenge it in mixi every month.


stamp, al with wig left ,little al ,fancy cage ,claire right ,claire left
fancy jellyfish


stamp,hi (jj mix) ,theodore left