World-Wide Stamping Week on 2 Peas

(June 14 - 21, 2008)
It is already started on June 14 of last week (a delay considerable as for me)
Failure! I did not know even a method.

hosted by SarahSchwerin (Sarah)

stamp;lovely skull n bones

hosted by hbpuppy (Heather)

hosted by neyw (Neysa)

WSW-Naked Stamping

hosted by ScrappyPam_Pea (Pam)

stamp;big cloud,chanel right,chas scuba owl left,fleur on a stick,fleur de lis

justjohanna's odd bird planet

2 コメント:

Godelieve さんのコメント...

Fabulous cards, really great combination of stamps!!

Kathi Rerek さんのコメント...

Wow. Great batch of cards. I can't choose a favorite!