Theme Thursday challenges

This is participation in Theme Thursday challenges exactly after a long time. It is at midnight of the weekday wanting rubber-stamp by me and becoming. It is not thinking that it is necessary that it sleep completely comfortable time for me.
Many colors are left to my sponge. I do not clean much them. The ink was left and adds it to a background.

Stamp;Lost Coast Designs,Paperbag Studios
The other coloration;Chalk

[OBP]The day of the pirate

I made ATC of the day of the pirate last night. Because I was not able to show it for some kind of obstacles, I show it here.

The day of the pirate began.

The weekend shall be filled with all manner of craftin', treasure huntin', and loot. Challenges will end on Sunday night.

Ye are not required to use OBP stamps to participate in the pirate party. But methinks it would be most excellent if ye have them to get good use of them.

Completin' each challenge will earn ye 5 points and an entry into a drawing for a prize. At the end of the weekend (Sunday night, when I deem it the end of the pirate party), there will be 2 prizes... one for a random winner, and one for the winner that earns the most points. Ye cannot be a scalawag and count one project fer 2 challenges. Ye must have one project per challenge to get the points.

Ye lazy stampers have until Monday night to post yer creations.
OBP DT members (deck swabbers) are welcome to participate in the challenges, but will not be eligible for the 2 big prizes. However, there will be prize fer each of the challenges too. Here, here, we'll drink ter that.

Each challenge will spell out the details of what to do, where to post, etc.
Alrighty, ye old seadogs, let's pull up that anchor and get on our way!
Please go in an Odd Bird Planet forum in SCS, and then please examine an event of the weekend. There will be more pirate cards in the gallery.

[OBP] september card Ⅱ

A lot of cards which I made include a lot of rubber stamps of new September.

The use rubber stamp all : from OBP.
The use of a chosen rubber stamp from this inside.
kelly's arched ragdoll kitty right
kelly's sleeping gnome life
kelly's knitty kitty
kelly's chubby sheep right
treasure chest
kelly's sleeping gnome right
kelly's chubby sheep left
kelly's skating gnome left
kelly's ragdoll mouse
cathrine's gonme home
kelly's gnome in a teacup
kelly's ragdoll trees
kelly's wooden door
pumpkin al
teresa's vulture left
kelly's skating gnome right
kathi's ghose priscilla
kelly's ghost window
kelly's robot pumkin head
kelly's arched ragdoll kitty left
gnome sweet gnome
teresa's vulture right
cathrine's berry branch
cathrine's berry wreath
pumpkin topiary
miho's biz hootie owl
cathrine's mushroom scene
cathrine's popcorn tree
big al pirate owl
boo to you
cathrine's berry corner right
kelly's tree
kelly's mushroom tree row
kelly's ragdoll bunny
kelly's ragdoll kitty
kelly's creepy candelabra
kelly's ball of yarn
kelly's patchwork pumpkin
dotty corner
fairytale, limited edition kit

[OBP] september card

I made the card with Halloween, Christmas, and other purposes.

The use rubber stamp all : from OBP.
The use of a chosen rubber stamp from this inside.

herd you were sick
pumpkin stack
priscilla aloha cat
cathrine's pumpkin small
cathrine's pumpkin large
cathrine's berry corner left
kathi's ghost priscilla
ladies dancing, limited edition kit, vintage
august 2008 special deal
happy birthday
happy birthday (gothic)
small scallop circle
big tractor
party girl deer
priscilla tangled cat
decorated tree
fishmas tree
partridge in a pear tree
pauline partridge left
spring tree
poire pear
from the cat
a purrfect pair
intertwined kitties
michelle left
pucker up


ATC exchange
As for the face of a happy clown, 360 degrees turn.
Fun to become the face seeing from where.

I changed this ATC for the rubber stamp friend who liked OBP.

[OBP]Special Deal - September 2008

Special Deal - September 2008

Special deal: a bundle of 4 stamps with a 25% discount
Make a Wish 614C $6.50
Ragdoll Unicorn Right 1109J $10.00
Picket-ish Fence 539D $7.00
Stems 082C $6.50

Summer Card Contest Winners!!

This is one of the most delightful news in these days.

The end in August, I sent the card for a contest.
As a result, I was chosen as the 3rd prize.
I like the color for summer.
Red, yellow, an orange, and green make me happy.
Stamp;Mod Girl,Sci-Fi Atomic Eye,Gas Pump
Are used from "Sideshow Stamps".

ATC challenge #15 

The theme of ATC Challenge#15
"will move a glitter and a feather in autumn of reading"

The rule
1. Autumn - stamp use of reading.
2. Use glittering thing - emboss, glitter.
3. Use a feather stamp - feather of moving.

stamp;Artistic Outpost ,clearartstamps
ink,mement(New sprout,Angel pink),versamagic(oasisgreen),Versafine(onixblack)