[OBP] september card

I made the card with Halloween, Christmas, and other purposes.

The use rubber stamp all : from OBP.
The use of a chosen rubber stamp from this inside.

herd you were sick
pumpkin stack
priscilla aloha cat
cathrine's pumpkin small
cathrine's pumpkin large
cathrine's berry corner left
kathi's ghost priscilla
ladies dancing, limited edition kit, vintage
august 2008 special deal
happy birthday
happy birthday (gothic)
small scallop circle
big tractor
party girl deer
priscilla tangled cat
decorated tree
fishmas tree
partridge in a pear tree
pauline partridge left
spring tree
poire pear
from the cat
a purrfect pair
intertwined kitties
michelle left
pucker up

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Liverpool Lou さんのコメント...

More fab cards. I love the OBP stamps though I don't own any yet.
Anne :)