[OBP] september card Ⅱ

A lot of cards which I made include a lot of rubber stamps of new September.

The use rubber stamp all : from OBP.
The use of a chosen rubber stamp from this inside.
kelly's arched ragdoll kitty right
kelly's sleeping gnome life
kelly's knitty kitty
kelly's chubby sheep right
treasure chest
kelly's sleeping gnome right
kelly's chubby sheep left
kelly's skating gnome left
kelly's ragdoll mouse
cathrine's gonme home
kelly's gnome in a teacup
kelly's ragdoll trees
kelly's wooden door
pumpkin al
teresa's vulture left
kelly's skating gnome right
kathi's ghose priscilla
kelly's ghost window
kelly's robot pumkin head
kelly's arched ragdoll kitty left
gnome sweet gnome
teresa's vulture right
cathrine's berry branch
cathrine's berry wreath
pumpkin topiary
miho's biz hootie owl
cathrine's mushroom scene
cathrine's popcorn tree
big al pirate owl
boo to you
cathrine's berry corner right
kelly's tree
kelly's mushroom tree row
kelly's ragdoll bunny
kelly's ragdoll kitty
kelly's creepy candelabra
kelly's ball of yarn
kelly's patchwork pumpkin
dotty corner
fairytale, limited edition kit

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Thanh さんのコメント...

Wow, look at you go Emi! These cards are great.

Kathi さんのコメント...

Wow. You were busy. They look great!

Rina さんのコメント...



Liverpool Lou さんのコメント...

Lovely cards Emi :)
Anne x