The day of the pirate began.

The weekend shall be filled with all manner of craftin', treasure huntin', and loot. Challenges will end on Sunday night.

Ye are not required to use OBP stamps to participate in the pirate party. But methinks it would be most excellent if ye have them to get good use of them.

Completin' each challenge will earn ye 5 points and an entry into a drawing for a prize. At the end of the weekend (Sunday night, when I deem it the end of the pirate party), there will be 2 prizes... one for a random winner, and one for the winner that earns the most points. Ye cannot be a scalawag and count one project fer 2 challenges. Ye must have one project per challenge to get the points.

Ye lazy stampers have until Monday night to post yer creations.
OBP DT members (deck swabbers) are welcome to participate in the challenges, but will not be eligible for the 2 big prizes. However, there will be prize fer each of the challenges too. Here, here, we'll drink ter that.

Each challenge will spell out the details of what to do, where to post, etc.
Alrighty, ye old seadogs, let's pull up that anchor and get on our way!
Please go in an Odd Bird Planet forum in SCS, and then please examine an event of the weekend. There will be more pirate cards in the gallery.

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