ATC challenge #4  "sweets"

ATC challenge in "mixi". This title "sweets". I wanted to make it still more and made two pieces. It looks like an ant carries a cake in one piece in a nest. The ants progress without disturbing the row hard. The soil of the circumference is stained with sweet pinkness, and a shining stone is buried.

One piece of another ATC is a thing whether dog and which of the cat party a cake. A dog and the cat which looked forward to the political party of a delicious cake, this day than anyone. However, I oversleep, and they are late. When I finally arrived at a meeting place, the political party is about to be over, and only one cake is left. OK, which may eat a cake?

A sketching challenge #6

A sketching challenge in "mixi" of every Tuesday. I used the part buried by masking exhaustively this time.

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