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I thought about "3" this month in community. Thus I knew that several characters of "3" overflowed for daily life. It is the scenery that "3" is very beautiful about Japan. Therefore I chose "three most beautiful views in Japan" as this triptych.
The left is "AMANOHASIDATE". There is it in kyoto. The middle is "MIYAJIMA". There is it in Hiroshima. The right is "MATUSIMA". There is it in miyagi.
I processed a photograph with a PC. It was oil painting wind, and the photograph coated it with crackleaccents.

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Femmy さんのコメント...

Great!!! wonderful scenery!!!

Stempelchaotin さんのコメント...

Wow this is absolutely brilliant. Awesome.

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Barbara B. さんのコメント...

Oh, it's so wonderful!!!

aino さんのコメント...

Very nice work. Interesting.