ATC challenge #5 

ATC challenge #5

 ATC mixi challenge is # 5, too! This theme "Something New!." Rina of the friend is a master.

A theme: "Something New!"  

Rule 1: I "bought it recently" or "use the rubber stamp which I never use though I bought" it. Rule 2: I make a work with new technique without what oneself still tried.
I make ATC which employed rule 1 and 2 or a rule of either, and we participate.

I applied rule 1 and 2 this time, and I made two ATC.

"The forest of the owl"

The owl is painted with with micacalor. It was the first time that I used the micacolor.micacolor glitters very much.

"A gentleman"

One piece already did enboss-resist with acrylic paints and an iron.I did transparence enboss on acrylic paints, red and pink and painted with blue acrylic paints from the top. I put the newspaper on the top and pressed it. The heat of the iron was left to the newspaper by enboss again.

The theme to appear every time is fresh. The agenda that oneself does not think of is very necessary to turn my head newly. In addition, the challenge in a new rubber stamp provided by this theme thinks that it is it in the one of the changes of my future work-style.

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