justjohanna Earth Day challenge

The theme of Rina is "To make flowers & trees with recycled items and put them on your card!! It is ".

A laurel.

A laurel for the past cooking of the expiration date. Because these should have been disposed of before long, this became my Card materials. Perhaps the Japanese paper is regenerated paper of another paper, and various designs and a scrap of the paper are mixed together.

A flower and a bee

The wrapping paper of the souvenir that a friend gave the flower. An old newspaper is a thing for packing of the shopping. A soil part is the remainder of the failure of my CARD production.The brown paper part pulled below is a thing for packing.

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Rina さんのコメント...

Thank you very much to participate to my challenge:)
I'm really HAPPY!!


Heather Grow さんのコメント...

So cute. I love the happy flowers.