【JJ OBP】A camera

The camera stamp is pretty very small. I made a card with a camera stamp.
Priscilla that does scuba diving! What do you take in an underwater camera?

Do you have been to the peacock garden? Therefore the peacock walks about freely. I saw a peacock leaving from a fence!

stamp;max rocker owl,lumiere peacock,mimi peacock,flames,picket-ish fence

Instead of not going out with a camera, push the camera stamp, and please play.

3 コメント:

Kathi Rerek さんのコメント...

I love your underwater scene. It's wonderful!

Emilia さんのコメント...

These two are just cute! what a cute scene you created for them!

Debbie, さんのコメント...

I, too, love the underwater scene. How clever! I love the Priscilla underwater.