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Let's go to the art museum

prohibited conversation in the art museum!
Please be careful.

stamp;long legged sue right,debbie's frame,aldenville
al graduating,pirate ship tiny,fancy jellyfish

The jellyfish in the aquarium

My friend likes jellyfishes. It is said to be very mysterious by her.

stamp;fancy jellyfish

The strawberry in the morning

Mother planted a strawberry in the garden. I look forward to eating it.

stamp;strawberry topiary ,frosting only cupcake,scooter

Ice cream to eat on a birthday

I eat special ice cream on a birthday.

stamp;strawberry topiary,fancy jellyfish,flora hugabundous

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Thanh さんのコメント...

These are so innovative! Love them

Emilia さんのコメント...

ice creame is cool! I love this cute idea!

Tania さんのコメント...

This card are so cool!