justjohanna's odd bird planet:entry card

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On a rainy day

Did you wait? On a day rainy as for it? Or did you meet me accidentally because rain fell suddenly? Under the flower arrangement to avoid, it please me.

The clown who withdraws from the stage
It is the clown whom a curtain goes down just before . I made a clown by the various size of various images. It is an image of the clowns after a show was over that a color does not stick to a clown. I thought that I was different from the outside of the curtain in an inside clown.

A dancer on a ball The bird of the ball does a show. Because there is a perspective, please have area of the stage, an image of the depth. The curtain shines with mica paint. And the ball is colorful. The various colors acquired a color by a magic. The reason is because it thought that there are moderate blur and light there. The feel of a material of the ball feels that the painting of the magic is good.

It is mirror ... a mirror Is oneself who was reflected in the mirror good? Do you dislike it? If there is the day when I look beautiful, there is me on the day when it is not so. This frame is a very pretty rubber stamp. The frame rubber stamp was tied to these two problem images immediately.

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Your mirror card is very clever, Emi!